Author: Caleb Denison

Visible Energy UFO Power Center Review

Intro: In the time that we’ve been covering home energy management devices, we’ve not seen anything quite as unique as Visible Energy’s UFO. We first learned about the UFO when it flew onto our radar earlier this year. On paper,… Read More

Solar Gadgets Galore Review Round Up

So many different types of solar gadgets have hit the market in the last year or so that we’ve found ourselves with a bulging box of solar gear that needs some review attention. Since these devices are relatively simple, it… Read More
Ecowatt Energy Saving Device

EcoWatt Promotes Utility Bill Reduction

Update 5/27/2019 – The EcoWatt Energy XRP-Lite is no longer available to purchase however you can still find similar products for sale online. According to energy solutions company EcoWatt Energy, an issue with smart meters that is making for some… Read More
Woody Waste for Bioenergy

Biofuels Project Seeks Responsible Sourcing

Biomass energy is an interesting, if not a bit controversial, renewable energy approach. Burning woody waste products that come from the forest or from urban wood waste to create electricity can be a sustainable practice, but some maintain that not… Read More
Solar machine makes 3-D objects by melting sand

Making 3-D Sand Items Via Solar Energy

Often, when we report on feats of solar engineering or design, the subject has something to do with a device that harnesses solar energy for generating electricity, lighting, water purification or even cooking. Occasionally we also see solar power integrated… Read More
Solar Window Panels

Solar Energy Comes To UK Business Park

While plenty of clean energy generation is taking place in the U.K., especially wave energy, very little of it has been sourced from solar energy. Some sources indicate that the U.K.’s total solar electricity generating capacity currently sits at about… Read More

Clean Energy Future Modeled By Google

Internet giant Google has done much in recent years to show its dedication to clean energy. In fact, just in the last few months, Google has thrown its philanthropic arms around renewable energy to the tune of over hundreds of… Read More