Author: Beth Buczynski

The RHW.2 building

20-Story Vienna Office Building Is First Passive High Rise

In order for a structure to be considered “passive”, it’s got to be buttoned up tight. Leaky windows or insufficient insulation means wasted energy, something that’s unacceptable in a passive house design. Normally, this would prevent glass-covered skyscrapers from even… Read More
Blue Sky Homes Desert 2

5 Awesome Houses You Won’t Believe Are Pre-Fab

Despite recent economic upheaval, owning a home is still a life goal for many people. In addition to finding a house in the right location that suits aesthetic desires, a growing number of consumers are concerned about impact of building… Read More
SGCC What Is Smart Grid screenshot

How Can The Smart Grid Save You $500 A Year?

Research shows that nearly 50 percent of consumers have heard the term “smart grid” before, but how many of us really know what it means? More importantly, how many of us know how accelerating the transition to a smarter grid… Read More
Lehman Science Hall LEED Platinum 1

CUNY’S Lehman Science Hall Earns LEED Platinum

While over 18,000 projects have achieved LEED certification worldwide, fewer than 1,200 have achieved the highest designation of Platinum. City University of New York (CUNY) is now one of those lucky few. The school’s new Lehman College Science Hall recently… Read More
Philips recalled LED

Risk Of Electric Shock Forces Philips To Recall LED Bulbs

An improperly fitted lead wire has caused The US Consumer Product Safety Commission to instruct consumers to stop using LED dimmable light bulbs from Philips Lighting. The company has subsequently instigated a recall for around 99,000 LED-based replacement lamps sold… Read More