Author: Angeli Duffin

texas wind farm

Keeping Wind Turbines Spinning Is Software’s Goal

Wind energy skyrocketed to nearly 240,000 megawatts of capacity worldwide in 2011—nearly a tenfold increase since 2001. But while there are a lot of turbines spinning, there is still room for improvement in efficiency and cost to bump that number… Read More
Ball State University Geothermal Construction

Geothermal Heating And Cooling Goes Big At University

Heating and cooling old college buildings can be a very expensive, and environmentally unfriendly, proposition. Ball State University in Indiana, is taking a greener tack though, resulting in the nation’s largest geothermal heating and cooling system. Built using funds from… Read More
Alstom Haliade Wind Turbine

This Offshore Wind Turbine Is Quite The Monster

When France declared its renewable energy target for 23 percent by 2020, a number of wheels (or turbines if you will) began turning to make that happen. In 2011, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that France would be spending over… Read More
Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Roadblocks Pushed Aside

Despite the many obstacles, the potential success of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is enough that researchers just can’t give up on making them a reality. The most apparent roadblocks are—as is true for most new technologies—cost and efficiency. Now, researchers… Read More
Indigo Solar Unit

Pay-As-You-Go Solar A Rural Power Solution

While many countries are trying to wean themselves off expensive and dirty fossil fuel energy, much of the world is still waiting on any type of electricity. Some 1.4 billion people lack access to electricity, and rather than start them… Read More
Wind farm

Can Wind Power Crack A Million MW By 2017?

Renewable energy installations are on the rise, with wind energy the fastest growing of the bunch. But is the future really as bright for wind as Global Industry Analysts (GIA) believes? In a new report, the firm is forecasting that… Read More
Africa Solar Energy

Can Africa Leapfrog Right Into Renewable Energy?

With over a billion people and counting, Africa’s energy demands and how they will be met are a high priority for many organizations. While other nations are trying to deal with their old coal-fired plants, much of Africa could potentially… Read More
Aircraft Landing Gear

Regenerative Brakes To Power Airplane Taxiing?

As we’ve reported, airlines are looking for cleaner, cost-effective ways to power their fuel-guzzling jet engines, trying out biofuels that utilize everything from algae to the leftovers at the farmers market. But there’s a new idea for greening air traveling—or… Read More
Chattanooga Solar Farm

Solar Power Arrives On Time At Tennessee Airport

While airlines are experimenting with biofuels to make the skies greener, the Chattanooga airport in Tennessee is focusing on greening operations on the ground. The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority just completed the first phase of a 3-megawatt (MW) solar power… Read More
Solar Panels

Lithium Battery A Solar Storage Game-Changer?

The wonders of solar and wind power are incredibly promising, but the true barrier to effective energy use is in the storage. When the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, the battery takes center stage. Therefore, making energy… Read More
Solvay Fuel Cell

1 MW PEM Fuel Cell (That’s Big) At Work In Belgium

As a new technology develops, each new innovation boasts to be the newest, biggest, longest, most efficient in the world—at least for a time. International chemical group Solvay is now claiming the title of world’s largest proton exchange membrane (PEM)… Read More