Author: Aaron Colter

Funky Little Electric Cars Ply Palouse Campus

The campus of Washington State University (WSU) recently purchased three electric vehicles for use at its Pullman campus near the state’s eastern boarder. All three of the vehicles are Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a maker of small, low-speed all-electric vehicles.… Read More

Fastest Electric Car On Ice Tops 150 MPH

World tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres has announced that driver Janne Laitnen reached the fastest speed ever on ice with an electric vehicle earlier this spring. Out on the frozen waters of Lake Ukonjärvi in Inari, Finland, Laitnen hit 156.64 mph… Read More

Zipcar Brings Chevy Volt Rental To Chicago

Zipcar, perhaps the best-known car sharing service in America, has announced that the company will be providing Chevy Volt rentals for its Chicago customers. Although the business is calling the program its first “electric vehicle pilot program,” we should point… Read More

Infiniti LE Concept The Nissan Leaf’s Richer EV Brother

Luxury automobile manufacturer Infiniti, a division of Nissan, has debuted its brand-new, all-electric concept at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. Dubbed the LE Concept, for now, Infiniti’s reveal marks the first zero-emissions sedan from the automaker, even though… Read More

California High-Speed Rail May Be Getting An Overhaul

The track to high-speed rail in the state of California has been fraught with complications for several months, but a new proposed business plan recently unveiled by the California High-Speed Rail Authority looks to alleviate some potential problems. The biggest… Read More

BMW i8 Concept Spyder Is Hybrid Sexy, Oh Yes

Eager to get in on the Spyder trend (Audi, Porsche, and Mazda all have similarly named cars) luxury automobile manufacturer BMW has announced a concept vehicle called the i8 Concept Spyder. The new vehicle is very similar to the i8… Read More