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Record-Breaking Milestone For American Wind Power

Wind power has hit an important milestone in America, with 980 working wind installations generating 70 gigawatts of renewable electricity. Solar power gets a lot of attention because it’s so much more visible to many of us, quietly working away… Read More
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Wind Power’s Big Empty Space Down South

It’s a common reaction among those taking their first look at the U.S.Geological Survey’s new interactive map that depicts the location of every utility-scale wind turbine in the country: Whaddup down South? The Southeastern U.S. is devoid of wind power… Read More

Offshore Wind Power’s Eye-Popping Capacity Factors

Offshore wind power has hit a rough patch in Europe. There have been troubles with basking sharks and red-throated divers, but mostly there have been challenges in making the difficult technology economically viable. Nevertheless, a couple of items popped up… Read More
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West Coast Offshore Wind Power Moves Forward

A wind power project in waters off the Oregon coast took another step forward on Wednesday. It’s a project with loads of potential, but don’t get too excited yet – there’s still a long way to go before it’s a… Read More
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U.S. Wind Power Got Busy In The 4th Quarter

The U.S. wind power industry didn’t put a whole lot of new generating capacity into operation in 2013, but it laid the groundwork, beginning construction on a whopping 10,900 megawatts in the fourth quarter. That figure comes from the American… Read More

Wind Power On The Wane Worldwide

Wind power’s not going away, not by a long shot. In fact, there have been plenty of signs recently that its improving cost-competitiveness should spur a big rise in installations in the coming years. Nevertheless, yet another report is indicating… Read More
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Wind Power Makes Fuel For German Gas Grid

For the first time on an industrial scale, hydrogen produced using wind power is being injected into the natural gas grid in Germany. It’s a development that could enhance the value of wind power by making it useful no matter… Read More
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Wind Power Draws Facebook To Iowa

You think Iowa, maybe you think corn fields. Facebook thinks Iowa, it thinks wind power. The company this week said it would site its fourth owned-and-operated data center in the prairie state in large part because it offers “an abundance… Read More

Wind Power Tax Break Extended Through 2013

The fight over the immediate future of wind energy policy in the U.S. ended with victory for the industry late Tuesday night when the House followed the Senate’s lead and passed a fiscal cliff deal that includes a one-year extension… Read More