“The Vegua is an eco-friendly design product that uses fish to produce food. It brings a unique atmosphere to any home,” stated founder Johan Manders. “Many varieties of herbs, small vegetables, and fruits can be grown in the Vegua, and even people with little or no garden space can have fresh foods grown in their home,” added Manders.

Using aquaponics, the Vegua allows plants to grow faster and taste better while being easy to maintain. It is a compact eco-system providing enough space to personalize it with several different plants and it is big enough to keep the fish happy. Using the Vegua has a minimal impact on the environment because it requires a limited amount of power and water. Moreover, it’s educational, fun and easy to use.

The carefully thought-out design results in an honest and beautiful product that anyone can proudly show friends and family. A discussion piece and sustainable way to grow fresh foods, the Vegua truly has the potential to be the first step for people to see how easy it is to contribute to a sustainable society.

For more information about the Vegua, please visit www.myvegua.com.

A Kickstarter campaign will be launched to aid in the successful production of the Vegua. The crowdfunders who support the project will be one of the first to own a Vegua.

Sphereness is an industrial design and branding agency, which is dedicated to the creation of authentic design products. By the introduction of the company’s flagship product, the Vegua, Sphereness shows that great design can go hand in hand with sustainability. Sphereness is located at Torenallee 20, 5617BC, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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