Despite all the cool things they can do, smartphones are pretty fragile. One unfortunate run-in with a cup of coffee or a drop from table to floor, and your expensive phone may never be the same again. Creating phones that are more robust, sophisticated yet well-suited to years of use, could postpone turnover, which could slow the tide of e-waste now pouring into landfills.

No one’s said anything official, of course, but rumors are already circling that search giant Google is working on just such a device. A superphone, and possibly a super tablet to compete with the iPad, that feature a longer battery life and ‘unbreakable’ design could be the company’s first market offers.

Google, superphone, tablet
Image via jurveston/Flickr

According to the Daily Mail, details about the possible super-devices, nicknamed the ‘X’, surfaced during Google’s most recent earnings call. Google executives hinted at the fact that Motorola had several impressive products in the pipeline, and now that they own the company, those products will be theirs to tweak and/or release.

The truly exciting part, the possible features that the Google X will put in our hands. Features like a bendable screen, ceramic case, and even gesture recognition. The Daily Mail reports that in the call, Google CEO Larry Page said that ‘In today’s multi screen world, the opportunities are endless… battery life is a huge issue… when you drop your phone it shouldn’t go splat. Page also mentioned phone recharging as a pain point for people, leading some to believe the new products could include wireless charging capabilities.

You said it Larry.

Look for rumors to become more substantial as we get closer to May.

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