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Apple’s move to withdraw all of its future products from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certification process made us raise our eyebrows, and it appears we weren’t the only ones. Now, San Francisco city officials are halting the purchase of all future Apple products for all 50 local government agencies due to environmental concerns, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The city points to a 2007 policy as the reason for its decision. The policy states that city funds may only be used to purchase EPEAT-certified computers. Apple’s formal request to be removed from EPEAT certification means that its devices are no longer eligible for purchase.

Apple MacBook Air
image via Apple

Apple filed the request in late June, asking that all 39 of its registered products — including the new, Retina-equipped MacBook Pro — be removed from further green testing. In order to qualify for the EPEAT stamp of approval, a device needs to be easy to disassemble so that its individual parts can be recycled, and be Energy Star compliant, among other criteria. Whether San Francisco’s refusal to buy from Apple will sway the company — or nudge other government institutions to take a similar stance — remains to be seen.

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