Ahhh summer. Time for camping trips, music festivals, backyard BBQ’s, and lots of time splashing around in the nearest body of water. For those of us of drinking age, there’s nothing better than slapping on some sunscreen, cracking open a frosty beer, and enjoying the sunshine with friends and family.

There’s no denying that adult beverages are better when cold, but if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, keeping them that way can be difficult. Instead of wasting your money on an outdoor mini-fridge or tons of ice for the cooler, why not try this simple DIY solution instead? A zeer pot, or pot-in-pot refrigerator, isn’t a new idea. In it’s most basic form it consists of a clay pot set inside another larger clay pot with a layer of sand in between. Water is poured on the sand to keep it moist, and as the moisture evaporates, it cools the inner pot, keeping whatever’s inside at a nice cool temperature.

Image via Practical Action

As Jeff McIntire-Strasburg points out over at sustainablog, the zeer pot design is so simple that there are only a few variations worth mentioning. Emily Cummins’ Sustainable Refrigerator may be the best known of the bunch, but there aren’t any instructions and you’re not going to be able to throw it together with items you’ve already got in your garage. There’s also the Solar Cooler in a Can that’s designed to hold chunks of meat and cheese and the Dew Bucket which works well with drink bottles and cans.

Check out the super thorough DIY tutorial from Mixcat.com below, and let us know if you try your hand at making a zeer pot for your beers. We’d love to see a picture!

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