So honestly, when was the last time you played a board game? Was it when your kids were little? When you were little? Was it the time you wanted to play, but found that half the pieces and the instructions were nowhere to be found, leaving you scratching your head at a pile of tiny red houses and a small cast-iron top hat? You can’t give them away, but you feel bad about just chucking them in the trash and letting all of that plastic, cardboard and metal go to waste. So what’s a lapsed board-gamer to to?

If you’re looking for something to do with those old board games, look no further. We’ve compiled here a gallery of five crafty projects using old board games (and one card game). Some of them might be a little out there, but most are cheap and easy recycling projects that make great gifts, for yourself or your old gaming buddies. Just click a photo below to learn about the project and the artist. Feel free to use these as jumping off points for your own ideas, too!

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