In ancient times, legend recalls, a Greek named Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. In retaliation, the gods sent a woman, Pandora, to live among men—“To be a helpmate not in poverty but only in wealth,” the Greek poet Hesiod slyly noted.

Clearly design guru Colin Murphy had the former feat in mind rather than the latter when he named his light concept the Prometheus Headlamp. And a good thing the name is that flexible, because Murphy’s headlamp also doubles as a lighted wristband or a standing desk-or tabletop light using all the same parts, including two extensions that allow it to sit upright or be fastened around the forehead.

Prometheus Headlamp
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Murphy’s landing page asks, Can a simple device provide light for the darkest times? We at EarthTechling don’t have answers to that, but we do know a cool design when we see one. Convert the standing light to a lantern, in a process slightly simpler than a Rubik’s Cube, or fasten it around the wrist (sorry, no watch; for that you needSolaris), or simply admire its highly flexible design, presumably as a result of using a flexible solar photovoltaic (PV) panel connected to a small but powerful (and energy-saving) LED light. A prototype, but it definitely rivals the Power Plus Bat LED Headlamp we wrote on in 2010.

Finally, snap three headlamps to a ready-made frame for a truly brilliant night light. Connect to a nickel-metal hydride (NiMN) battery delivering up to 3100 mAh (milliamp hours, 1.2 volts) for up to five hours, and read yourself to sleep inside your tent. We don’t know what color choices the Prometheus will come in, but red, white and blue, lined up top to bottom, might be nicely patriotic. Either way, Murphy’s self-stated love of gear shows through all his designs, including the Prometheus Headlamp. And thanks to coroflot, for providing the online platform that makes showing off such nascent concepts practical and meaningful.

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