Another year, another Consumer Electronics Show in the bag. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of new gadgets and electronics on showcase for consumers to stockpile their homes with, we chose a mere 20 or so to bring you. Other green tech sites, like TreeHugger’s tech section for example, also brought you really what amounts to just a handful of stories those of us in the environmental media space would consider worthy eco tech gadgets to cover.

One thing we’ve noticed time and time again over the years of covering events like CES is that mainstream electronics companies vary greatly in how they approach green technology. A few go all in across their offerings, but most give it a tepid attempt to say they’ve at least done something to make their product lines more environmentally friendly. Energy efficiency seems to be the most common theme around the greening of consumer technology, though other mainstream manufacturers also make a handful of their wares from recycled materials.

We really do wish green was more of a focus outside of niche companies, but as TreeHugger pointed out and we noticed as well, it just wasn’t that this year. Call it the state of the economy, call it consumers not as interested in that over other features a product has to offer – whatever the case may be, mainstream electronics for the home still have a long ways to go before they are green enough for our liking. They should as well offer other features that will appeal to mainstream consumers, which is something they’ve already easily achieved.

All of this being said, we now present to you our top five picks for the best green technology the 2012 edition of CES had to offer. You can click on each of the thumbnail images below for more details on that product. Here’s to hoping CES 2013 brings even better green gadget choices for us to consider and report to you on.

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