Nokero has focused its solar lighting and charging products on developing nations, where such devices can be uniquely transformative. The company is emphasizing that point now as part of a humanitarian aid effort in Turkey, where a 7.1 magnitude earthquake one month ago caused widespread and extensive damage.

Nokero said five of its solar light bulbs “are among the lifesaving items being delivered as part of the ShelterBox disaster relief effort under way in Van, Turkey.” The solar lights, the company said, “are giving earthquake victims a robust and renewable source of light in the devastated area, where candles and flashlights are scarce.”

Turkey earthquake aid, Nokero
image via Shelterbox

Nokero said “each bulb brings hours of light every night for about a year and a half before its AA rechargeable battery must be replaced.”

Nokero solar light, Turkey earthquake
image via Nokero

How did the Nokero LED lights find their way into the ShelterBox kit? They were chosen, ShelterBox Head of Operations John Leach said in a statement, “after rigorous study and research by the ShelterBox team.” And Leach said that in their first deployment in the field, the Nokero bulbs were “performing admirably.”

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