Here at EarthTechling we have no shortage of stories about some pretty bizarre clothing designs and concepts. We’ve had everything from a solar bikini to clothing that can charge your cell phone. The problem with items like these, though, is that they are not always practical, and many are made in the traditional way–meaning that they are formed of new materials.

Image via Junk to Funk

Everyone needs clothes, which means that clothing is produced on a massive scale that is not always terribly eco-conscious. Tons of new materials are used to create clothes, while old materials often end up in the rag pile or in the trash. But some companies are trying to cut down on waste while creating clothing and accessories. Some are made to be worn, and some are a little more out there, but all are made from cheap, easily obtained and recycled materials. Materials include the obvious, like cloth recycled from old clothing, as well as the not-so-obvious, like grocery bags, bubble wrap and even cigarette butts. Check out some of these fashions in the gallery below, and click an image to learn more.

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