Everyone dreads the energy bill, but it’s a reality of modern life. From the appliances like stoves and laundry machines to lighting and heating systems, homes use a lot of energy to keep their inhabitants warm and secure. But in many homes, energy is often wasted. This can happen by leaving laptops and computers on all the time, keeping the lights on when not in use and having insufficient insulation that makes cranking the heat or air conditioning necessary. All of these things, while they might seem small individually, add up, and soon your energy consumption, not to mention your utility bill, is spiking.

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There is good news, though, in that most of these energy wastes can be corrected and prevented with relatively simple measures. Some involve changing habits, like remembering to shut down computers and other electronics when not in use. Technologies are also available that allow residents to assess, monitor and manage the energy consumption in their homes, reducing both their carbon footprints and their bills. Additionally, websites and workshops around the country are in place to provide advice to individuals to help them find an energy plan tailored to their specific needs. Check out some of the links below for information and news about managing energy in the home.

  • The US Department of Energy’s Energy Savers program provides a list of simple, easy things you can do to save energy and money in your home.
  • Home Energy Magazine provides tips on how to conserve energy in homes, covering everything from appliances to weatherization to lighting to renovations.
  • If you’re in Canada, check out Energy Management Canada, for tips, tools and advice on managing energy in your home or business.
  • Reuters reports that Best Buy is launching home energy management learning centers to help customers optimize their energy conservation with items and solutions tailored to their homes and lifestyles.
  • Looking into the future, GigaOm examines home energy management systems available today, and discusses the needs and potential development of such systems over the next few years.
  • Looking to get into the energy management industry? Greentech Advocates reports that the third annual Smart Energy Summit will be held in Austin, TX, from February 28 to March 1, 2012, and will focus on energy management in the home and how to get consumers involved.

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