Solar power is used all the time to power homes an businesses, keeping their lights on and their appliances humming along. But even when stoves are powered with solar energy, they still require an electrical connection. But what if you could take out the proverbial middle-man and cook directly with the sun’s heat? And no, we’re not just talking about making sun tea. That’s what several designers and manufacturers are looking into, creating small, portable and lightweight stoves and grills that use nothing but the direct energy of the sun to cook a hot meal.

Image via iD Cook

These stoves use everything from traditional photovoltaics to highly reflective surfaces designed to capture and concentrate the sun’s rays to cook. The real beauty of these devices, though, is their ability to go anywhere. That means they can be brought along on camping and hiking trips, but can also be used to provide meals to people living in areas without steady power, such as areas like Haiti that have struck by natural disaster. Check out the images below, and click for more information on these sun-powered cookers.

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