Most sailboats feature a loud, stinky, expensive-to-fuel auxiliary diesel engine that always seems to break down at the absolute worst possible time. The new Legend e36 HYBRID promises quiet, emission-free, dependable and cheap cruising thanks to its Elco EP-4000 AC electric motor, which can be powered by renewables.

Legend claims the e36 has a cruising range of range of six to eight hours at five knots between charges when under battery power only. When integrated with natural energy sources such as a wind generator or solar panels this range becomes limitless. The Elco electric motor fits in traditional diesel motor mounts and actually weighs less than a traditional engine. Even better, Elco says that maintenance costs of the engine are considerable lower than a diesel engine. The company claims the motor only needs a check up after 50,000 hours of use.

image via Legend

Legend has been showing off the new hybrid at yacht and boat shows worldwide lately. The show model features Elco EP-4000 AC electric motor; Valance lithium iron magnesium phosphate marine 12-volt batteries; Polar DC marine 14-killowatt generator; Super wind 350 wind turbine; and Kyocera 135 solar panels. All that can be yours for around $180,000.

Richard Hewett, managing director of Marine Sails U.K., the company that markets the boat, commented, “To be able to offer a real, green alternative to the traditional diesel engine on yachts without any change in boat price or performance is very exciting. We have seen a very real demand for a green solution for many years and are delighted and proud to be leading the market yet again with this innovative technology.”

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