By Dan and Denise Rojas, Green Power Science

Green Power Science is done by Dan and Denise Rojas, who are both former SAG actors through 1990 with experience in national TV commercials, motion picture production work and a national release made for television movie parts. GreenPowerScience was formed in 2007, offering scientific experiments in an open source format. Starting as a hobby expressing many personal scientific findings discovered from years of tinkering, the GPS channel and website has grown to over 70,000 subscribers.

image via Green Power Science

In this video mix of DIY science videos, Green Power Science showcases a flexible solar panel, a Zeer pot-in-pot refrigerator and a Fresnel lens plus additional optical secondary magnifying.

Flexible solar panel with grid tie inverter wiring:
These are the 124 watt rollable solar panels tied in parallel to produce 230 watts of grid supplemented power. The panels are rated at 124 watts but the inverter uses a bit of power. This inverter is rated at 600 watts.

Zeer pot-in-pot refrigerator
This is a design dating back to as early as 2500 B.C. and the idea was somewhat abandoned with the invention of modern refrigeration. The results vary based on relative humidity in your area. The concept works best in hot desert area with low RH. The pots do not work in humidity above about 75%. This makes them ineffective in the summertime in many regions.

The sand should be damp to wet, not drenched. The outer pot must be unglazed. The inner pot can be glazed but it is not necessary unless the food must stay dry like breads etc.

Fresnel lens plus additional optical secondary magnifying
This test incorporates a secondary glass lens just short of the focal point allowing most of the concentrated light from the first lens to be further concentrated by the second glass lens. The results were a 50% reduction in focal point diameter size but also a power drop of 25%.

Editor’s Note: This video content comes to us courtesy of Green Power Science. Author credit goes to Dan and Denise Rojas.

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