Jobs are Topic 1 these days, and in Massachusetts, there’s some good news to report on that front from the green sector. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) said the state’s clean energy economy grew a solid 6.7 percent from July 2010 to July 2011, and companies were projecting the growth rate in the following year to jump to 15.2 percent.

According to the 2011 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report, there were 4,909 clean energy companies in Massachusetts as of the end of July, with the sector employing 64,310 people, 1.5% of jobs in the state. The report defined clean energy companies as those directly involved with research, development, production, manufacturing and implementation of goods or services pertaining to renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, smart grids or clean transportation. The report noted that companies in a wide variety of fields, including those who do not identify themselves as clean energy companies, saw considerable activity in clean energy-related areas. Surveys of companies in various industry sectors were carried out over the phone and via email by BW Research Partnership.

image via MassCEC
The survey provides a look into the use of clean energy technology in industries considered “mainstream,” or not generally associated with the clean energy movement, and shows significant use and growth of clean technologies in those industries. “Unlike most recent studies of the clean energy cluster,” said Phil Jordan of BW Research, “this report includes random sampling of employers to determine the breadth and depth of its penetration into mainstream industries such as manufacturing, construction, and agriculture.”
Richard K. Sullivan, Energy and Environmental Affairs secretary and chair of the Clean Energy Center’s board of directors, said the report’s findings spell a brighter future for Massachusetts – for the economy, and for the environment. “Through Governor (Deval) Patrick’s vision and supported by (the center’s) innovative programs,” he said, “the Commonwealth has become fertile ground for growing a clean energy future and we are well on our way.”

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