You’ve read the statistics and you know you should be using  energy-saving lightbulbs, but you’re still confused on which kind is best for you. Never fear. Consumer Reports just released a comprehensive report reviewing 30 different compact fluorescents and light-emitting diode bulbs.

Their tests show that many of the problems with early CFL and LED bulbs have been solved and now the energy-saving bulbs last longer and use far less electricity than their traditional incandescent predecessors. Whether you are looking for lights for indoor or outdoors spaces, chances are there is an energy efficient options out there for you.

Philips doubles green innovation investment
image via Philips

Not surprisingly, the report focused heavily on the United Sates most popular bulb, the 60-watt equivalent CFL and LEDs. The test found that, of the two, CFLs save money faster because of their low cost. It only takes under a year to recoup the cost of most CFL bulbs, according to the report. LEDs can take 4 to 10 years to pay for themselves because of the high price tag.

Another selling point for CFLs is the reduced amount of mercury present, about 60 to 75 percent less than previous versions. When it comes to LEDs, the reports showed that the energy use actually matched or exceeded the products claims, with nearly all the LEDs tested still burn brightly after 3,000 hours.

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