Got a hot idea for a kinetic energy charger or solar bag? The U.S. Army is looking for personal energy harvesting concept white papers to help power the soldiers of the future.

According to, the US Army Research Development Engineering Command, Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, Massachusetts, is conducting a Request for Information for Concept (White) Papers on Soldier-Borne Energy Harvesting Technology for the dismounted Soldier and Small Combat Unit (e.g. Squad).

US Army
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In order to provide juice for the increasing number of sensors, networking and processing technologies that will characterize combat in the future, the Army is looking for “novel concepts for Soldier-borne energy harvesting technologies,” including but not limited those that are based on kinetics, metabolism (i.e. body heat), solar, and wind.

The weight, power density, and energy density of those concepts proposed will be compared with that of the conventional power solutions currently in field or in development for man-wearable, back-packable, and man-portable applications to determine their technical viability — while keeping in mind, of course, the advantage energy harvesting systems have over these conventional solutions (i.e., they work when all batteries are dead and the fuel has run out).

More information is available online.

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