There was a time when eco-friendly fashion meant scratchy organic-fiber shirts and clunky recycled-rubber sandals, and was not known for being particularly style-conscious. But that has changed. Now, eco-minded and fashion-minded are no longer mutually exclusive, and the growing public attention to the importance of sustainable, responsible products has launched a new era in eco- and socially-friendly fashion and luxury items, whether they be concepts or actual items you can buy.

This week we’ve rounded up pictures and related stories (click on the thumbnails below for the specifics) of some of the most innovative and out-there green gadgets focused on fashion and lifestyle, from a sound-powered, cell-phone-charging T-shirt to a solar powered bikini. Many of these items reflect the demands of the times by featuring the ability to charge personal electronic devices like MP3 players, iPods, cell phones and digital cameras on their own. With the advent of thin film solar technology, solar energy is popping up on everything from fashion accessories to home decor to sporting goods.

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