Simplicity seems to the the hallmark of modern design and thank goodness because, at least when it comes to technology, the more complicated things get, the more likely they are to break. Here’s a design that takes the notion of simplicity to the extreme. Introducing the iBambooSpeaker designed by Anatoliy Omelchenko.

While it doesn’t fit the technical profile of a speaker, per se, the iBamboospeaker appears to successfully pull off what it is intended to do: amplify an iPhone. The device is nothing more than a laser-cut, 1 foot section of bamboo which allows an iPhone to nestle into a space near the top. From there, iBamboospeaker naturally amplifies the output of an iPhone’s built-in speaker-no electricity needed. Though designed for use with the iPhone 4, a little bit of DIY work could likely allow older models to be used as well.

image via Anatoliy Omelchenko

While this device isn’t likely to be the source of pumping jams at your next garden party, it could work well enough to allow its user to enjoy slightly louder tunes than the phone is capable of producing on its own. Bamboo grows quickly, is a slightly resonant wood and, due to the size and shape of the bamboo in use, will naturally amplify sound that it routed through it. Think megaphone here. Granted, there are other iPhone compatible speaker options out there, but this one seems pretty cool if, for nothing else, the simplicity behind it.

For $25.00, buyers get the iBambooSpeaker, a canvas carrying bag and the satisfaction of knowing that, as audio components go, it doesn’t get much greener than a tube of bamboo. Since it is a totally natural product, no two devices (does that word even apply here?) will be the same. To learn more, check out the product website.

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