Max Ostap, a senior at California’s Art Center College of Design, has posted his idea for a super-speed car inspired by Tesla Motors. Ostap calls his concept the Tesla Current, and has tailored the electric vehicle to be as aerodynamic as possible.

Although the young designer has developed ideas inspired by Honda and Jeep, this seems to be his most ambitious. The car itself relies on an ambitious network as well. The Tesla Current is made to travel along a proposed multi-lane highway called NASCO that stretches from southern Mexico to northern Canada.

image via Max Ostap

The potential highway project would be like a North American version of Germany’s autobahns, allowing vehicles to travel at incredibly fast speeds. The idea is novel, but perhaps not very practical, at least for today’s technology. Tesla’s latest car, the Model S, has a top speed of only 120 miles per hour, and a range of 300 miles.

So, unless the 2,500 hundred miles of the NASCO highway is equipped with hundreds of quick-charge Level 3, DC charging stations, current electric cars are simply unsuited for cross-country travel. As well, 120 MPH is great start, but even the Formula 1 electric vehicle being developed tops out at 162 MPH. Still, the concept car is beautifully designed and forward thinking.

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