Opel, a European subsidiary of GM, has announced that its HydroGen4 fleet has passed the two million mile mark. The fuel cell vehicles have been part of a test program with the insurance and roadside assistance group ADAC, and traveling across Europe since 2008.

The automaker claims the hydrogen fuel cell fleet has accumulated more miles than any other fuel cell vehicle manufacturer on the globe, which is probably true considering few companies are developing such cars. This may change soon though, as Pike Research believes the vehicles are set to top 1 million units soon and also Damlier is investing in some models.

Opel hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Germany
image via Opel

The HydroGen4 fleet is being supported by the Clean Energy Partnership in Germany, and originally covered only the Berlin region until being extended in 2010, and again this year, into the Hamburg, Hesse, and other regions.

For now, it seems fuel cell cars are the odd-green-vehicle-out, limited to things like a Hyundai concept or London tourist novelty, at least for the next few years, as even Toyota is waiting until 2015 to rollout any models.

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