We have a thing for off grid chargers around here, especially those that marry design and functionality in new and different ways, and the RevOlvo combination kinetic charger/cellphone (which comes to us via Yanko Design) qualifies on both counts.

This concept design works by integrating a touchscreen cellphone with a charger that works by spinning on your finger. When you start to run out of juice, you can charge up, rain or shine, simply by twirling this thing around your digit of choice.

RevOlvo Phone
image via Yanko Design

As an added bonus, the RevOlvo phone/charger combo makes comes apart easily for for recycling at the end of its usable life (unlike the vast majority of today’s cellphones).

RevOlvo Phone2
image via Yanko Design

We wonder, though, about the combination of a phone you spin and one that’s made to come apart easily for recycling. Doesn’t it run the risk of flying off your finger and disassembling itself upon impact with the pavement? Perhaps designers Da Deng, Chandra Baker, Chris Platt and Jason Schuler will address this hazard in the 2.0 prototype version.

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