Toyota recently opened the first hydrogen fueling station directly fed from an industrial pipeline in Torrance, California with help from partners Air Products, Shell, South Coast Air Quality Management District and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The station is located near Toyota’s sales and marketing building on ground which the corporation owns that is being leased to Shell. The station is more of a demonstration unit than a regularly used facility. Toyota’s latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the 2009 FCHV-adv, is currently being rolled out in a 100 model fleet by 2013. Although the testing fleet is relatively small, the company claims the cars have an impressive range of 431 miles on a single fill.

image via Toyota

Toyota is planning to start introducing fuel cell vehicles sometime in 2015, hoping necessary infrastructure is in place by then. The new hydrogen station won’t be used just for cars, however, as the company plans to install a system in 2012 that uses the 1 megawatt fuel cell generator from Ballard Power System they purchased in 2010 to offset peak electricity at the sales and marketing campus, and to heat water in the employee fitness center.

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