Have you ever been relaxing on your luxury yacht in international waters and thought, “Should I be more eco-friendly in my ocean excursions?” We do, all the time in fact, which is why we are amused to find out about a concept model of a more “green” yacht.

German designer Stefanie Behringer worked with Audi on her graduate design project to create a trimaran boat that features two side pods where electric-powered jet skis are stored. The slender designer of the boat makes it more energy efficient, and the yacht is equipped with two turbo-charged diesel engines.

image via Designboom

The best feature of the new concept boat is that at low speeds, under 8 knots, the yacht is powered by the electric motors of the jet skis on either side of the hull. And at high speeds, over 30 knots, the electric motors can support the diesel engines to reduce fuel consumption. As well, the electric jet skis are charged by the diesel engines.

The yacht is smaller than other standard luxury vessels, approximately 49 feet long and only 21 feet wide, which may help its fuel efficiency, but it has a ways to go if it wants to compete with concepts like the Bloom yacht, which incorporates wind and solar power. Then again, is there much point to bragging about being the greenest luxury yacht in the first place?

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