HD graphics and video require a lot of processing power and, therefore, a good amount of electricity for a computer to pull off well. Newer computers with more up to date technology handle HD graphics better but still draw a lot of power to make it happen. Now, computer hardware maker MSI  has released two new computers that are said to have quality HD graphics and video performance whilst offering considerably reduced power consumption.

MSI’s new CR650 notebook and AE2050 All-in-One PC both use a new 1.6  GHz chip made by AMD that the company calls the “E-350 Fusion processor”. It does a job all on its own that most computers require two chips to do. Commonly, a computer will contain a separate CPU (central processing unit) chip and a GPU (graphics processing unit) chip but the new Fusion processor from AMD, which they call an APU (advanced processing unit) does the job of both and does it using much less power. According to AMD, the chip makes “all-day computing” possible by allowing up to 10 hours of battery life.

MSI AE2050
image cia MSI

Aside from the power savings the CR650 notebook enjoys from the new APU,  it can extend its battery life through a feature MSI created that lets the user disable various power-sucking processes and adapters, like Bluetooth and wireless Internet. With idle accessories disabled, MSI says the CR650 can run for up to six hours on a charge.  It sports a 15.6″ screen,  HDMI output, 720p video capability, a 720p webcam and proprietary MSI technology that is supposed to boost color and resolution for movie playback.

The EnergyStar 5.0 compliant AE2050PC has a 20″ screen and all of the nifty graphics capabilities that it’s laptop counterpart offers. MSI says that the all-in-one desktop requires much less power than conventional PCs, citing its draw at 65 watts per hour-about 74% in energy savings.

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