Biogas via wastewater. The concept conjures up some fairly gross images, sure, but the fact of the matter is that there’s clean, renewable energy to be had in biogas and sewage processing produces plenty of it. San Diego, California will soon take such an approach to harnessing the natural power of biogas. New Energy Capital recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Trident BioFuels Energy gas processing facility at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant in San Diego County.

According to New Energy Capital, the new facility is the first of its type for the state of California. Once built, the plant will take the biogas that is naturally produced as a result of the sewage treatment process and essentially “clean it up” by removing contaminants and moisture. The result will be methane that is clean enough to be injected into a natural gas pipeline system that San Diego Gas & Electric operates.

Wastewater Treatment
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Currently, the raw biogas that the facility generates is burned in the atmosphere. Now that it will be captured and processed by the Trident facility, the burning will cease and southern California’s air will be spared from millions of tons of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur oxides. As a side benefit, it will reduce the area’s consumption of non-renewable natural gas.

New Energy Capital says the project is supported by the sale of pollution control bonds authorized by the California Pollution Control Finance Authority, and will create approximately 15 full-time construction jobs.

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