Kinetic energy lesson #1: movement is power, if you harness it. Designers Qian Jiang and Ale Leonetti Luparinie appear to understand this, judging by their T-Box concept.

Why wait for the wind to blow when the nation’s trains and mass transit systems run pretty much on time, all the time? Yanko Design reports that the T-box system harvests wind energy from the movement of trains through a kind of box that merges with the sleepers on the tracks. This box also houses all the necessary components to harness, store and supply converted power.

T-box system
image via Qian Jiang and Ale Leonetti Luparinie

The basis of the system, is essentially, a series of vertical access turbines housed in cages sunk below the tracks–when the train or subway rolls by on top, the turbines spin, producing power.

image via Qian Jiang and Ale Leonetti Luparinie

The designers see the T-box design as possessing great potential to power urban areas, simply by harvesting the rush of wind that accompanies passing trains and subway cars. We agree–and apparently so do the judges of the Liteon Awards, which recently picked the T-Box as an award-winning design.

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