Panasonic has launched four new Blu-Ray Disc players for 2011 that sport a bunch of interesting technologies. Skype video and voice calling, 2D to 3D up-conversion and higher quality audio mark some of the new additions to Panasonic’s line this year, but it is the company’s concerted efforts toward energy efficiency and sustainability that caught our eye.

The new line-up of Blu-Ray Disc players is comprised of three 3-D models, (BDT310, BDT210 and BDT110) and one 2D model (DMP-BD75). All of them use Panasonic’s proprietary Unifier chip, which is a processor Panasonic says “combines high-quality audio and video with low power consumption”  In a statement, Panasonic noted that the BDT310, BDT210 and BDT110 have an energy-saving design which saves on electricity bills and natural resources with a 37 % power reduction.

Panasonic 210 crop
Image via Panasonic

Panasonic took other steps toward reducing energy consumption and waste by slimming down the players’ cases. The smaller size reportedly allows the manufacturer to use 50% less product packaging than the 2010 models.

Other non-green features of note, depending upon the model, include access to an array of online video content, HDMI support, wireless connectivity, homescreen customization and a a touchless sensor to open and close the disc tray. The Panasonic DMP-BDT210, DMP-BDT110 and DMP-BD75 are currently available, while the DMP-BDT310 ships in May.

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