It’s billed as the first and only complete wind/solar hybrid system kit: the Roofmill. This plug and play hybrid renewable energy system, design by Ohio-based WindEnergy7, was inspired by the windmill at the West Texas ranch where the company’s founder grew up, and is designed to take good old-fashioned, reliable off-grid tech into the 21st century.

Make no mistake, the Roofmill is not some fluffy eco toy. It is, rather, a modern windmill for the home, a seriously “stout” piece of hardware made to hold up in serious wind storms–up to 130 miles per hour–and every bit as serious as the hardware that old-fashioned farms used to depend on to pump water for their livestock and homes.

Wind Roofmill
image via WindEnergy7

The Roofmill is said to be a patent-pending device that can be roof-mounted in serial, with best solar panels forming the base of the system, and a unique turbine blade design harvesting electricity from the movement of the wind.

This Roofmill is an entry this year in the GE Ecomagination Challenge, which is seeking innovative ideas to power the homes of the future.

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