The Right Honourable Chief Minister Narendra Modi of Gujarat–a state located on the west coast of India–has signed a memorandum of understanding with marine energy developer Atlantis Resources Corporation to build a 50 megawatt (MW) tidal power facility in the Gulf of Kutch.

Atlantis, which will be partnering with Gujarat Power Corporation Limited on the project, foresees that the facility could be scaled-up to more than 200 MW of installed capacity when all is said and done (the agreement caps the project at 250 MW currently). This will require hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in tidal turbines and power export infrastructure as well as the development of a local supply chain, creating of hundreds of jobs for residents of Gujarat. The agreement was signed by Modi and Atlantis representatives at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011.

tidal power
image via Atlantis Resources Corporation

Atlantis has already conducted an economic and technical study of prime sites in the Gulf of Kutch, where it has determined as much as 300 MW of tidal power is economically feasible. The corporation is also interested in combining offshore wind with the new tidal facility (pending further study), to create a mega marine power project tying the two renewable resource technologies together.

The company is also currently involved in one of the world’s largest marine power projects in the United Kingdom using its new 1MW AK1000 tidal power turbine.

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