Anyone who’s ridden the subway in a major city is familiar with the concept of a turnstile. You pay your fare, walk in, the bars turn, and you’re on your way. Meixian Su of Guangzhou, China, aims to take that familiar concept and generate some futuristic power with the Green Pass kinetic energy generator concept design.

Heed the words of Office Lady, a character used to highlight the efficacy of the Green Pass in generating power at work: “As an office lady, I have to pass several admissions switches each day. It’s so fantasy [sic] I could contribute to environment protection with just a simple walking by.” Surely there’s been something lost in translation here, but you get the basic gist.

Green Pass kinetic energy
image via Meixian Su

A great idea, but we wonder, would American office workers submit to such devices in order to use the elevator, assemble in the conference room or even use the bathroom? We suspect the Green Pass would inspire both annoyance and turnstile jumpers, regardless of how eco kinetic energy might be.

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