And so it comes to pass that Mitsubishi Motors is officially entering the electric vehicle market here in the United States. At the Los Angeles Auto Show the automaker unveiled its all-electric i-MiEV, which we’d first heard word of last week as being somewhat different in scope compared to its European- and Japanese-spec versions.

Calling it the “i” car, Mitsubishi said it plans to price the electric i-MiEV around $30,000, not including available federal and state financial incentives. It will initially roll out to dealerships in the western United States (specifically California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii) in November 2011, followed by entry into the northeastern market to follow by March 2012 and nationwide availability by the end of 2012.

All images in this gallery via Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi said this electric car’s power system consists of a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor and a high energy density lithium-ion battery pack that hosts 88 cells (22 modules, 4 battery cells per module) for a maximum battery capacity of 16 kWh. Though no specific range was mentioned for the mid-engine, rear-wheel drive car, charging times were noted as being approximately 8 hours at 220V (with an 80% battery charge in under 30 minutes) and 16 hours at 110V.

As we previously noted, the American version of the i-MiEV features a a slightly larger body to provide even more interior comfort for four adults, along with redesigned front and rear bumpers for enhanced protection in the event of a collision. Mitsubishi also noted, in regards to the chargers for the car, that it was partnering with with electronics retailer Best Buy and hardware company Eaton in regards to a home charger strategy for i-MiEV owners.

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