Those who fear the all-powerful nature of Google may not be that excited about the Google PowerMeter energy management system. But those who embrace the benevolent Google will now also have a chance to embrace the eMonitor online dashboard and hardware by Powerhouse Dynamics, recently announced as a Google PowerMeter Integrated Device Partner.

The eMonitor online dashboard, which works with a device that attaches to your circuit breaker panel in the home with sensors that clamp around each circuit, allows customers a more detailed view of their real-time power consumption at home, right down to the circuit and appliance level. This in turn–presumably–will help customers to determine exactly what it is that’s causing that spike in electricity consumption right around 8:30 AM every day, with detailed information that will allow them to distinguish the energy being used by the coffee-maker, say, versus the hair-dryer. The service can be accessed from any internet connection and is also equipped to help users set-up and receive alerts, view analysis and diagnostics, and receive cost-saving recommendations.

Google PowerMeter eMonitor
image via Powerhouse Dynamics

“Powerhouse Dynamics’ integrated device partnership with Google PowerMeter provides our customers with one more level of convenience in viewing home power consumption,” said Powerhouse VP of Business Development Tim Durant, in a statement. “eMonitor allows homeowners to monitor their circuit-level energy usage and provides the intelligence needed for identifying easy and actionable steps in lowering energy use, saving money and keeping homes safe. We are committed to delivering total flexibility in how and where consumers can access their power consumption.”

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