It goes without saying that the Hurricane Katrina disaster back in 2005 might have impacted New Orleans, Louisiana a lot less if the levees holding back the Mississippi River had not failed. What if there were a way to better predict if a levee might fail via smart technology? That’s the idea of an interesting pilot project getting underway in New Orleans.

Tie Technologies, through a division which focuses upon environmental and disaster remediation, is testing its “smart levee” technology on a one mile stretch of the levee that protects the city of New Orleans. This technology, consisting of monitoring sensors installed throughout the flood control system, collects what is called “levee status data” and transmits it via “satellite uplink to an interactive data center to advise and warn of any potential problems or actual levee failure that could forerun catastrophic consequences.”

Tie Smart Levee
image via Tie Technologies

The company is working with the State of Louisiana’s Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration on this project, with the hopes of expanding this monitoring, warning and response system across the entire Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area and neighboring communities.

“The Smart Levee System will provide the communications infrastructure necessary to prevent the unnecessary loss of life and property,” said Mark Marangella, Executive Vice President of TIE Technologies, Inc., in a statement. “TIE is focused on providing environmental disaster intervention and remediation solutions through our Smart Environmental Logistics division. We look forward to not only the success of this initial project, but also the support and focus of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to address the requirement for providing a smart solution at a national level which consists of over 4000 miles of critical levees.”

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