The Plug In and Out (which comes to us via Yanko Design) is a unique concept for an electrical plug designed to help us remember to unplug our electronics. Beyond that, the details are a little fuzzy, so perhaps there’s something that’s been lost in translation.

Here’s what is clear: according to designer Won Seok Choi, every design sends a subconscious message. He believes that the conventional electrical plug design tells us that a plug is for pushing in. His Plug In and Out design sends the message that a plug is for pulling out–at least after you’re done using the appliance it’s connected to. Towards that end, Plug In and Out features an easy finger grip for improved unplugging, as well as a light-up mechanism to let you know when the device is still drawing power, and a twist function that will disconnect your device from the power supply without having to unplug it, eliminating the evils of vampire power.

image via Yanko Design

We do, however, have some questions about all this. Is it really the imposing task of pulling out the plug–which, according to the designer, can be a challenge for women and children and even adult men–that keeps us from cutting off the juice to our electronics? While the light-up function is useful for realizing what’s still plugged in as we turn off the lights and head for bed, is kneeling down to twist that plug switch really any less work than simply pulling out the plug?

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