All right, people, time for some potty talk. The new Stealth Toilet from Niagara is an ultra-high efficiency toilet. It also offers super-quiet flushing–keeping this low-flow on the down low, so to speak.

The Stealth (which comes to us by way of Jetson Green) uses just .8 gallons per flush–a whopping 37% less than the standard high-efficiency commode–leading its manufacturer to claim it as the world’s most eco toilet (after, of course, the composting variety). This feat of water conservative flushing is achieved, apparently, with the help of a patented hydraulic technology that delivers a quiet flush with the performance of a standard pressure-assist toilet.

image via Jetson Green

Of course, it has been pointed out that the Stealth may present some issues in non-residential applications, or anywhere the horizontal run in terms of plumbing is longer than 20 feet–creating a situation where there isn’t enough water to move waste out of the building and into the sewer. So you may want to check with your plumber (or take a look under the house yourself) before shelling out the $310 for the rounded front Stealth model, or $325 for the elongated one.

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