It’s not the first battery-charging jump-rope concept design we’ve covered, but it may be the most streamlined. The E-Rope concept from designer Kyung Guk Lee uses good old kinetic energy, generated by everyone’s favorite form of childhood exercise, to power your rechargeable batteries.

Check out those pliable, silicon handles–they’re made for easy grip and non-slip traction as you work up a sweat with your new kinetic battery charger. Also, check out the simple, streamlined battery indicator, consisting of a single LED light that goes from red to pink to blue to indicate the level of battery charge your workout has managed to produce. According to Greenlaunches, around 20 minutes of skipping time will fully re-charge up to four AA batteries.

image via Greenlaunches

How great would it be to tell the kids, next time their latest plastic gadget goes dead, to get out there and skip up some power? Of course, adults will have to set the example, using this simple, high-energy cardio workout to power up the batteries for cameras and television remotes, too. But since tech has largely been responsible for us sitting around on our duffs all day, it seems only fitting that we put in some sweat equity to make it work.

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