These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…one of these days, these boots are going to…power up my portable phone.

A bit of a silly lead, it’s true, but how can you not have fun with a post about something called Orange Power Wellies? These funky rubber duck boots (Wellington’s, in the UK), are the brainchild of none other than the European telecommunications company known as Orange. Featuring a ‘power generating sole’ that converts heat from your feet into electrical power to charge your battery-powered portables, it’s a concept design that makes use of thermoelectrics–meaning that rather than it being the motion of your feet that provides the off-grid juice, it’s actually your body heat.

Power Wellies Orange
image via Gizmag

Which actually seems to us a bit silly. Why not just use kinetic energy instead? As is, you’ll need to walk for twelve hours in your “Orange Power Wellies” to get an hour of battery life; our friends over at Gizmag recommend dancing or running rather than walking, as “the hotter your feet get, the more energy you produce.” As cool as these concept boots may be, we recommend a kinetic charger instead.

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