It’s a disturbing statistic: one in four adults kills a plant within the first six months.  Enter the EasyBloom PlantSensor Plus–another fabulous green-thumb doo-hickey that allows you plant to talk to you.

Well, not exactly–but almost. Stick this puppy in the ground and it will actually tell you what plants are likely to do well in that spot, based on sun and soil conditions. Go ahead and plant; the PlantSensor will take it from there, communicating via “chirps” when your green friend needs to be watered and/or fertilized, and will even diagnose what may be afflicting your plant should it start to look a little sad.

image via EasyBloom

“Like people, plants need nutrients, too,” said Robby Flannery, Ph. D., plant biology and lead horticulturalist for PlantSense, in a statement.  “If you want juicier tomatoes, more beautiful roses, or a healthy crop of herbs, you need fertilizer to make that happen.  But knowing when and how to fertilize isn’t easy, even for seasoned gardeners.” In fact, EasyBloom found that only 13% of their users, most of them experienced gardeners, were properly fertilizing their plants prior to purchasing this gizmo.

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