And now, for CFL-haters everywhere–a lighter, brighter, less energy-efficient bulb, in that reassuring, familiar shape. Capitalizing on our deep-seated resistance to change, apparently, and our desire for a single bulb that can light up a room, Sylvania has recently introduced the Halogen SuperSaver lightbulb.

Actually, there’s more to it than that. After all, today’s compact fluorescent light bulbs, while they may be 75% more efficient than their incandescent cousins, also contain mercury–that pesky heavy metal implicated in mercury poisoning and other modern ills. While the mercury only gets out at home if the bulbs break (and there are some interesting solutions being posed to that issue, as well) it’s still bound to escape when CFLs finally hit the landfill, creating an eco-issue on the other end. Still, a halogen bulb boasting only 33% more efficiency than those out-dated incandescents of yore (according to The Alternative Consumer) doesn’t seem to be the best solution.

image via The Alternative Consumer

Sylvania claims that the new Halogen SuperSavers “bridge the gap between incandescent and CFL lighting solutions by offering superior light quality and energy savings at an affordable price” and hey, that may be true. But would it be so hard to develop a brighter, less toxic CFL?

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