For all the mad sprinting Fred Flintstone had to do in order to “drive” his car throughout the town of Bedrock, it was a wonder the guy was always so chubby. Despite that, relying on the human body to power a vehicle wasn’t such a bad idea: who among us couldn’t benefit from a little exercise while we’re zipping to and from home, work, and extracurricular travels? Along that vein is the HumanCar, a plug-in electric vehicle reliant upon passenger-supplied rowing motions for forward propulsion.

The HumanCar offers one the chance to row, row, row your car gently down the road via a rowing motion. The more passengers in the car, the faster the car flows along. Of course, as pointed out by gas 2.0, “calling it a car is a stretch. There is no windshield, no roof, and the body is little more than a plastic mold fitted over a bike-like chassis,” and at a top speed of 30 mph, this isn’t the vehicle one wants to pilot when one is late for a very important date.

Image via HumanCar

Nevertheless, the HumanCar is perfect for neighborhood cruising (it’s not highway legal). According to the HumanCar website, the vehicle can be operated by one to four occupants, known as the human power interface. The vehicle also generates electricity and has standard A/C outlets, allowing it to be used as a backup power system.

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