Another one of the more interesting entries for this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition is something a child would really love to use. What child doesn’t like rocking horses, right? What if you took the rocking horse idea and turned it into something which harvests kinetic energy through rocking? That’s the idea behind the concept Rocco rocking horse.

Rocco, designed by Aaron Tsui, Irina Kozlovskaya, Jasen Mehta and Sergio Silva from the United States,looks a little like your average child rocking horse. It is one of several different solid colors and made from fully non-toxic, post-consumer recycled plastic. It is designed, according to its creators, to “teach children about energy generation and conservation through play.”

image via CEA

To generate energy, a child rocks back and forth on Rocco. This motion shifts an “energy magnet” in the rocking horse. Energy from this magnet travels through internal coils of copper wire, being transformed via induction into electricity. This electricity than charges an internal battery inside the handles of the horse, which glow brighter as they charge. These handles can be removed if desired, be usable either as a flashlight or nightlight.

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