As far as science fiction goes, this one gets our vote for the future of the helicopter. The Air Alien Green Helicopter concept runs on electricity, hydrogen and magnetism–and, most importantly, looks like a giant insectoid robot.

According to Ecofriend, the Air Alien Green Helicopter was designed by Cikaric Dragan to make use of a large electric motor and a stator with two electromagnetic rings. These rings contain permanent magnetic wings that run in opposite directions independently, creating the magic of magnetic levitation. Two giant fuel tanks filled with hydrogen and oxygen located  under the floor generate the helicopter’s electricity, producing not smog or carbon dioxide as a by-product but only a simple, innocuous earthly substance known as water.


Air Alient Green Helicopter
image via Tuvie

Controlled entirely via an onboard computer, the four feet of the helicopter retract for flying, act as landing gears when landing, and even help the pilot pivot and/or generate greater speeds during flight, depending on their angle. The best part? (Aside from the lack of emissions?) The lack of sound. Due to its magnetic levitation system, the Air Alien Green Helicopter is entirely silent, as befits an alien envoy.

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