With its nonstop coal-powered nightlife, luxury condos and sprawling suburbs in the desert, Las Vegas is hardly anyone’s idea of a sustainable city. It is, however, a city known for its innovative architecture and “sky is the limit” ambitions, so perhaps the new Green Belt City designed by Work Architecture is not so out of keeping with Sin City, after all.

Ecofriend reports that Green Belt City will be a 15,000-unit, 60-acre residential development in Las Vegas situated around three urban space “hearts”: private parks, a spa and a cultural center. Three “super towers” will provide eco-infrastructure through photovoltaic cells, integrated wind turbines, waste water recirculation and electric car recharging stations. Some of the more interesting features of the planned development include a 2.5 mile long public promenade, which will cleverly conceal the parking structure required by code for the development, as well as the “living machine” that will filter the site’s wastewater while doubling as a green screen for the parking garage.

image via Work Architecture

While the scale of the development makes Green Belt City a hugely ambitious undertaking, it also makes the project noteworthy for builders elsewhere looking for ways to green new residential developments. Hopefully, in this case, what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas.

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