Stop and think for a moment…what different types of electric vehicles do you know of? Electric cars? Check. Electric scooters? Check. Electric motorbikes? Check. Electric skateboards? Huh? That’s right…electric skateboards. It seems counter intuitive, but when you consider the functionality of the Xero eBoards, you come to understand.

Though many consider the skateboard one of the ultimate human powered machines, there are definitely times, especially where you are tired, that you want a little efficient electric motor to do the work. That’s where boards like these ones from Xero come in. The all electric skateboards, contemporary and made in part of wood, range in four different motor sizes and all take up to four hours to fully charge their lead acid batteries.

image via Xtero
image via Xtero

The most monster like of these boards, pictured above, is the eBoard Pro X 800w. It has 800 watts of motor power and is controlled, like the other boards, with a wireless remote. Features include an integrated brake system, six-inch inflated, treaded tires, a maximum range of 18 miles and a top speed of around 25 MPH. 25 MPH on a skateboard? Nice.

Xero eBoards [via UberGizmo]

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