In the race to control your house by iPhone, a start-up called iControl wants to help your utility company help you. By providing smart-home monitoring and remote control of key home systems, the company aims to give offer both utilities and consumers a chance to save some cash and conserve energy through their ConnectedLife Energy Management for Utilities.

According to a release, the ConnectedLife Energy Management system benefits utilities by providing them with an in-home, industry-accepted ZigBee-based gateway that wirelessly communicates with two-way smart meters and controls thermostats, lights, appliances and more. This helps to leverage the utility’s existing metering infrastructure systems for real-time metering information and pricing signals. The same technology benefits consumers by allowing them to manage their energy usage via a web portal, in-home touch screen, iPhone and other mobile phone interfaces.

images via iControl
images via iControl

According to a release, ConnectedLife Energy Management provides monitored energy usage, including real-time viewing of kilowatts used and dollars spent, a widget-based approach to controling key energy-consuming items such as HVAC and lighting, and automation of the system to meet energy conservation goals. The service is currently available only to utility companies.

iControl [via press release]

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